Technical Wheel Information

cleaning offroad wheels

Cleaning Offroad Wheels

Cleaning offroad wheels isn’t difficult. Our technique is simple. We cannot emphasize enough to stay away from wheel cleaning solutions. Many wheel cleaners are developed with harsh chemicals in order to remove dirt. Over time these chemicals will remove the clear coat and start to eat away at the paint. If it’s not something you’d wash the hood of your truck with, we recommend against it. We recommend using a mild soap such as DAWN to help remove any dirt that is stuck on. The most aggressive cleaning element that should ever be used is a powerwasher, never use wire brushes or other tools that can scratch the wheels. For more information on wheel maintenance and cleaning tips on all finishes, check out our blog post on offroad wheel cleaning.

Grab a bucket.

Grab a clean microfiber towel.

Grab cleaning simple liquid soap such as DAWN.

Start cleaning.

how to clean polished truck wheels
Cleaning Polished Truck Wheels

Rinse wheels to remove any loose dirt and brake dust.

Handwash your wheels to get out any remaining imperfections.

Use Blue Magic Polish with a Powerball polisher to create the perfect shine.

Understanding Offsets

One of the features that make SOTA Offroad such a unique wheel brand is the deep lip design we add to our wheels. This is possible as many of our offroad wheel have what is called a negative offset. A negative offset has the hub of the wheel pushed back deeper into the wheel, behind the centerline. A positive offset will have the hub of the wheel nearly flush with the street side of the wheel.

Understand Truck Wheel Lug Patterns & Fitments

Not every truck is designed with the same fitment pattern. When ordering the wheels it’s important to order the correct lug count and pattern that fits for your make, model, and year. Generally, 8 luck trucks wheels are designed for full-sized trucks, such as a Ford Super Duty. Other smaller trucks like the Toyota Tacoma, Dodge RAM, and Chevy Colorado will be mainly fit on 5 lug wheels and 6 lug wheels. While understanding the lug number is as easy as counting the lugs on your stock wheels, the distance can change between OEMs. It is best to use of truck loader to ensure the wheels you order come in the correct size for your make, model and year. Click here to see wheels that fit your truck.