The SKUL-R a forged one-piece bead-loc wheel!

Posted on December 21, 2017

SOTA OFFROAD takes pride in being a leader and true originator in the off-road wheel market and we’ve done it again with the new SKUL-R bead-loc wheel available with 17x9 in a 4.5” back space. The SKUL-R has an innovative look and exceptional quality that is second to none! The SKUL-R design and look is based off of one of our best-selling cast wheels the S.K.U.L. The SKUL-R is a one-piece forged wheel manufactured in the United States.

If you are someone who believes the fun starts where the road ends and are serious about going off road this is the wheel for you. Tires and wheels are designed so that, when the tire is inflated, the tire pressure pushes the bead of the tire against the inside of the wheel rim so that the tire stays on the wheel and the two rotate together. In situations where tire pressure is insufficient to hold the bead of the tire in place, a bead-loc is needed. These products literally clamp the tire bead in place so it simply cannot pop off, no matter how low you air your tires down. The SKUL-R has a ring with 32 bolts that will hold your tire in place.

If you are looking for a bead-loc style wheel that you can use with your daily driver SOTA OFFROAD has a couple simulated bead-loc wheel styles for you to choose from. Our Pro-Series wheels, the S.S.D and D.R.T have a genuine bead-loc style look with an actual ring mounted to the outer part of a cast wheel. Pro-Series wheel styles come in 17” or 20” and available in many lug patterns and offsets. The wheels can be run with the rings or without. One other cool thing about these wheels is that you can take the raw rings and have them powder coated to match your truck or jeep.

So if you’re in the market for a state-of-the-art bead-loc wheel, and would like to join the #SOTANation, be sure to check out