Two New Killer Wheels from SOTA Off-Road

Posted on May 1, 2017

In this article posted by Diesel Tech, the new J.A.T.O. and S.P.Y.K. wheels designs by SOTA Off-Road are advertised. The J.A.T.O. is a cast one-piece wheel and comes in 20x9 +0mm, 20x12 -51mm and 22x9.5 +20mm sizes and can be finished in Ghost Metal and Anthrakote Black. The S.P.Y.K. is also a one-piece wheel and comes in 20x9 +12mm and 22x9.5 +20mm sizes with a Death Metal finish. The black and milled look of these wheels are perfected by SOTA. These two wheels belong to an excellent lineup of Off-Road capable wheels offered by the company.