Dealer of The Week

We want to give thanks to all our hard-working dealers, so every week we will be spotlighting a top dealer of the week. This dealer is chosen based on their dedicated relationship with SOTA Offroad and their consistent purchase of our wheels and products.

If you want to see your offroad dealer spotlighted in dealer of the week, make sure to contact our sales team about getting the newest SOTA Wheels in stock today!

This week’s Dealer of the Week is SD Wheels. We want to thank SD Wheels for their long dedicated support of our wheels. SD Wheels always has the newest SOTA designs in stock; in just about every style and size we offer.

SD Wheels well-known service standard is what allows us to help enthusiasts find the perfect wheels, tires, or suspension set up for your ride.  From the shop mechanics to the CEO, everyone at SD wheel holds themselves to an incredibly high standard. SD Wheels is determined to make sure your truck is exactly how you want it without sacrificing drivability. From Wheels and tires to suspension and more, SD Wheels is a one-stop-shop we definitely recommend!

Steve Hamilton, the Founder of SD Wheel decided to drive on the road less traveled over 15 years ago and that’s what made all the difference on his journey. Starting from humble beginnings he’s truly become an embodiment of the American Dream, the ideal that every US citizen strives towards with an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative.

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