How To Take Professional Photos Of Your Truck

The first step to taking great photos of your offroad truck is to make sure your truck is looking it’s best. To some people that may mean ensuring your truck is as clean as possible without any imperfections. While many other owners see the beauty in a real off road truck that is splattered with mud. 

One important tip for truck photography is picking the right time of day. The best time is either early in the morning or later in the evening to avoid the harsh midday sun. If you are shooting when the sun is at its highest you can always look for shaded or cloudy areas. 

Take the time to find an appropriate background for your image. While lively backgrounds look great for photography, it can often distract the viewer’s eye from the details of your truck. 

The most important part of truck photography is positioning your truck in a three-quarter angle with the wheels turned away from the camera. This position gives great detail on the entire car including the wheels, the front grille, the side panel and the hood of the car. Choosing your shot can be as easy as shooting the truck as a whole or highlighting the details that make your truck. such as your new bumper, tires, grille, headlights or other accessories.

Even if your not a professional photography, simple photo editing apps can greatly improve the quality of your image. These apps give really easy control over the highlights and shadows in a picture. If the photos you took are too dark try increasing the brightness and highlights. These apps can completely transform photos, but it’s important to remember that less is more.

Quick Summary

  • Get a good looking truck, with or without mud
  • Choose the right time of day
  • Shoot an appropriate and non-distracting background
  • Position your truck in a three-quarters angle
  • Focus on the details that highlight your truck
  • Edit your photo to get the perfect color balance and lighting