How To Clean Offroad Wheels

You’ve been putting off cleaning you wheels for weeks now. It’s time. Taking care of your wheels can greatly improve the look for many years to come.

There is a common misconception that wheels are bulletproof and can take damage like no other part of a truck. Unfortunately, that is not the facts. In order to maintain the A+ look on you SOTA Wheels, you need to take care of them. Cleaning offroad wheels isn’t difficult. Our technique is simple.

  1. Grab a bucket.
  2. Grab a clean microfiber towel.
  3. Grab cleaning simple liquid soap such as DAWN.
  4. Start cleaning.

We cannot emphasize enough to stay away from wheel cleaning solutions. Many wheel cleaners are developed with harsh chemicals in order to remove dirt. Over time these chemicals will remove the clear coat and start to eat away at the paint. If it’s not something you’d wash the hood of your truck with, we recommend against it. The most aggressive cleaning element that should ever be used is a powerwasher, never use wire brushes or other tools that can scratch the wheels.

Cleaning Polished Wheels

It’s important to understand that there are distinct differences when cleaning polished wheels. By using a mild polishing compound such as Blue magic your wheels can easily shine like a mirror.

  1. Rinse wheels to remove any loose dirt and brake dust.
  2. Handwash your wheels to get out any remaining imperfections.
  3. Use Blue Magic Polish with a Powerball polisher to create the perfect shine.

Just as the military sets standards for soldiers to maintain their barracks, these are our guidelines. Follow these steps and your wheels will continue to shine as new as the day they were mounted.