Frequently Asked Questions

1)      What is the best way to clean my SOTA Offroad wheels?

a.    Simply put mild soap & water is all that is needed for our wheels to look like new. Typically I use a bucket of water, Dawn dish soap and a clean microfiber towel. Do NOT use any sprays or chemical agents that say “Wheel Cleaner” these chemicals can damage the finish of your SOTA Offroad wheels and will void the warranty. After your wheels are clean it is best to spray some kind of liquid wax on the wheels and polish to high shine with a dry and clean microfiber towel. Please keep in mind, most of our wheels are painted and while we use a premium automotive grade paint on our wheels it is not indestructible. A good rule of thumb is to NEVER use anything on SOTA Offroad wheels that you would not use on the hood of your car. This includes a car washer or detailer. If you see them break out a brush and wheel cleaner tell them to STOP!

b.    Polished wheels need special care and have special considerations. You should clean your polished wheels just as you would our painted wheels. After they are clean you may use a an aluminum polish such as Mother’s, Maguire’s or Zephyr. Follow the instructions on the bottle. ON POLISHED WHEELS ONLY you can use a soft Powerball and drill to bring back the shine for years to come. Side note: Urine from a cat, dog or neighbor can ruin the finish of any aluminum wheel and therefore cannot be warrantied. It creates a very light shadow that is impossible to remove by hand so please keep that in mind.

2)      Should I test fit the wheels before I mount the tires on them?

a.    Yes, you mount them, you own them. The installer should always test fit the wheel on the vehicle first with no tire to ensure you have the right wheel and fitment for you application. This will also allow your installer to know what tire will work best and if there is any trimming necessary. Any trimming is dependent on your suspension modification.

3)      How does your warranty compare to other wheel companies?

a.    We offer best in class product warranty and we take our service level very seriously. We offer a lifetime structural warranty and up to a 2 year finish warranty on all of our wheels. Please check our full warranty details here

4)      Where can I buy SOTA Offroad wheels?

a.    The best way is to visit our dealer locator on our website. It will list several stores near you as well as several online retailers. Follow this link to our dealer locator.

5)      How do I get sponsored by SOTA Offroad?

a.    It is as simple as filling out our sponsorship application for your build. It clearly outlines who you are, what you are planning to do to your vehicle and what kind of marketing exposure we can expect. Please download and fill out our sponsorship application here

6)        How much do your wheels weigh?

a.    It depends on the size. But you can view all of the details, including weight, on the product page of any one of our designs.

b.    In approximate terms our wheel weights are as follows:

                                          i.    17×9 ~ 32lbs

                                        ii.    18×9 ~ 37lbs

                                       iii.    20×9 ~ 39lbs

                                       iv.    20×10 ~ 43lbs

                                        v.    20×12 ~ 47lbs

                                       vi.    22×9.5 ~ 45lbs

                                      vii.    22×10.5 ~ 49lbs

                                    viii.    22×12 ~ 50lbs

                                       ix.    24×10.5 ~ 59lbs

7)      What is the load rating of your wheels?

a.    It depends on the vehicle application and the number of lugs. In general terms, all of our 5 & 6 Lug applications are rated at 2600 and the 8 Lug wheels are rated at 3200-3600lbs depending on the design.

8)      Can I get custom colors or finishes on SOTA Offroad wheels?

a.    We offer several color finishes but we do NOT offer custom colors that are built to order at this time. We offer 8 different finishes that you may view in our wheels section. Please follow this link to see our complete lineup and finishes available for each. Link to wheels page.

9)   How do I become an authorized dealer for SOTA Offroad?

a.    It is as easy as filling out our dealer application on our website here. Once we review the application we will contact you and figure out the best course of action for your business.

10)   What are the correct lug nuts for my vehicle?

a.    The lug nuts depend on the application they are being installed on and a little bit of personal preference. The first thing to identify is what lugs are on your truck and then find the appropriate lug nut thread, pitch and torque specs for each size. Here is a simple breakdown on lug sizes and the torque specifications.

Hardware Bolt or Stud Size
Typical Torque Range in Ft/Lbs
Min Number of Turns of Hardware Engagement
12 x 1.5 mm
70 – 80
12 x 1.25 mm
70 – 80
14 x 1.5 mm
85 – 90
14 x 1.25 mm
85 – 90
7/16 in.
70 – 80
1/2 in.
75 – 85
9/16 in.
135 – 145

11)   What is a simulated Bead-Loc?

a.    First of all, a Bead-Loc is a ring that serves as a functional device to aggressively hold the tire to the wheel’s rim lip and severely mitigates the tire coming off of the bead seat or the tire from rotating on the wheel regardless of air pressure. They are primarily used in racing and aggressive off-road applications. Our simulated bead-loc is absolutely perfect. While there are several “simulated bead-locs” on the market they are usually cheap looking and more of plastic or thinly made ring. Ours is a very robust all aluminum and CNC milled ring. They attach to the wheel using special hardware that keeps the metal ring a few millimeters away from the wheel rim. This allows you to run the wheel with or without the ring and still look amazing. It also allows our customers to custom paint the rings to add a special custom element to their build.

12)   Where can I buy a replacement cap?

a.    Please visit our webstore. There you will find a simple process for you to find and purchase a replacement cap or any of our other accessory products. If you need help choosing which cap you need please call us at 313

13)   How do I get started on a warranty claim?

a.    Call us first. Tell us why you think you have a warranty claim. After that we will need a few detailed pictures of the problem. If it is in fact a warrantable product we will then have you ship us the wheel to Southern California for us to inspect. If everything checks out we will send you a replacement wheel ASAP. While we cannot accommodate everyone’s claims we are absolutely top of class in customer service.


1.            The number of wheels affected by the problem.

2.            Pictures of EACH wheel affected by the problem.

3.            Your original Receipt for the purchase of the wheels.

4.            Your contact information.